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Inflammation of the buttocks and thighs The problem of swelling buttocks and thighs suffered by both women and men and lead to many problems, so that men have to choose certain clothes long and wide to hide inflation, and also prevent women from wearing clothes and dresses to show attractiveness and beauty, and other psychological problems Such as lack of self-acceptance, weakness of personality, frustration with lack of attractiveness, and sexual shyness, and because of the spread of this inflation has become the most important and widespread on the Internet and multiple ways to get rid of inflation and age The most important and correct ways to get rid of this inflation without bothering with some tips that should be followed to avoid inflation. Prevention of swelling of the buttocks and thighs not sit for long periods: Studies have shown that sitting for long periods lead to the enlargement of the buttocks and thighs by 500% of the amount of fat, and other than other health problems and shorten the age, then during work in the office or home tried to reduce the periods of sitting And to move and energize your body during the day. Poor eating habits: Eating large amounts of calories daily and continuously leads to the accumulation of fat, especially in areas that receive large amounts of fat (buttocks and thighs), and inappropriate eating habits eat fast food, sweets and meat, should be reduced. Eat proteins, dietary fiber, and keep away from all soy products and soft drinks. If you want to lower your buttocks and thighs, you should know that you can not lower a certain area of ​​the body. There are ways to reduce and improve the entire body shape with a focus on the lower parts of the body. You can follow the following methods: Burning the whole body fat: The body must consume fat in the form of energy and by following a specific diet, the proportion of calories is much less than what the body needs to consume fat, so the day allocated less than 500 calories To completely eliminate body fat. Exercising hard exercises to reduce the buttocks and thighs: After you follow a diet that contains less than 500 calories you should exercise hard to reduce the buttocks and thighs, because thighs and buttocks are the last that may burn the body, and these exercises: exercise stabs, Thighs, buttocks, leg exercises as weightlifting, and focus on these exercises helps to get rid of fat with the exercise of other exercises to get a slim body and slim at the same time.

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ت?*ضير الشاورما بالمنزل
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عمل الكريب في المنزل
منع تساقط الشعر
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